Imanaka Interiors was begun in 2012 with well-established and skillful artists from different countries sharing one strong underlying passion, exploring life freely with no reference to definitions, moving away from pre-conceptions and pre-dispositions in the highly commercialised art world. The Imanaka name was coined after we encountered and were fascinated by Japanese composer Somei Satoh’s music. He described Imanaka in his words as the term to define time in Japanese Shinto culture which is not just the present moment lying between the stretch of past eternity and future immortality, but also the manifestation of the moment of all time which is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. ‘Interiors’ as a word refers to inner worlds which makes every human being a unique expression of life as a creative individual through inspiration and imagination. These are, as human beings, our inner dynamics that cannot be taught and are not intelligible, yet are inherent in our nature.

This recognition is a shifting discovery of human beings through artists facing inwards and seeing there is no end, but pure potential, no borders. These dimensions of being human that find expression in artwork do not require advertising in magazines, do not require any marketing. Art genres can’t be made popular for a while and go out of fashion afterward as we see in the commercialised art world.

We all enter into this life with an incredible potential which actually never leaves our side, no matter how much we direct our attention to the paralysing rules of society through their spoon-fed standards; no matter how societies cast their spell of judgement on us when we express ourselves differently, at the core we all are creative, imaginative beings by birth and throughout our lives. Imanaka Interiors in this sense represents these dynamics of being human through the artists who devoted their lives to their art, skilfully and sincerely.

We sense an artwork created through inspiration is the most intimate connection of human beings with their inner-most natural state sprung from life beyond birth and death, encompassing all, beyond forms and any limitations, freedom without definition.

We invite you to explore the artworks and enter their universe, walk into the mind of artists and hopefully discover something new for yourself in that timeless universe.

The way we act in business can be phrased as simple as IMANAKA – A more human way of doing business.

and we think Living Spaces is for the sense of timelessness.

we hope you enjoy your visit
with best wishes
Gulay Ozagac