Imanaka Interiors was founded in 2012 with well-established artists from different countries who shared one underlying passion – exploring life in their own unique way. Imanaka represents a meaning for the manifestation of the moment of all time which is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. ‘Interiors’ as a word refers to inner worlds which make every human being a unique expression of life, as a creative individual through inspiration and imagination. These are, as human beings, our inner dynamics that cannot be taught and are not intelligible, yet are inherent in our nature.

This recognition is a shifting discovery of human beings through artists facing inwards and seeing there is no end, but pure potential and possibilities.

We invite you to explore the artworks and enter their universe, walk into the mind of artists and hopefully discover something new for yourself in that timeless universe.

The way we act in business can be phrased as simple asĀ  – A more human way of doing business.

and we think Living Spaces is for the sense of timelessness.

we hope you enjoy your visit