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Breck Outland

Profile photo of Breck croppedI find the activity of drawing to be very honest and direct. Nothing is hidden within these markings on the paper that cannot be revealed. Once engaged in a lengthy drawing, I seek to cultivate the craftsmanship of the head, hand and heart working in unison to delve into the questions that advance throughout the composition.

I don’t begin with a pre-set idea in as much as a feeling or narrative that I want to work out and explore directly on the paper. The figures are often the anchor points for an unfolding story and the landscape is a sense of place that extends the mystery cinema; one where answers and questions unfold as the viewer spends time and peers deeper into the artwork. The complexity of my work is a result of the demands which these questions place upon that narrative.

I try to capture some mythical nuance of this dialogue in the drawing. To attempt to explain or speculate much more about “themes” or “motivation”, is of course, to do a disservice to what these images would care to ask of you.

~ Breck Outland