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Breck Outland

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Born in 1963 in Sacramento, California; lives and works in Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

Artist statement:
I find the activity of drawing to be very honest and direct. Nothing is hidden within these markings on the paper that cannot be revealed. Once engaged in a lengthy drawing, I seek to cultivate the craftsmanship of the head, hand and heart working in unison to delve into the questions that advance throughout the composition.

I don’t begin with a pre-set idea in as much as a feeling or narrative that I want to work out and explore directly on the paper. The figures are often the anchor points for an unfolding story and the landscape is a sense of place that extends the mystery cinema; one where answers and questions unfold as the viewer spends time and peers deeper into the artwork. The complexity of my work is a result of the demands which these questions place upon that narrative.

I try to capture some mythical nuance of this dialogue in the drawing. To attempt to explain or speculate much more about “themes” or “motivation”, is of course, to do a disservice to what these images would care to ask of you.

Recent group exhibitions:

Timeless Imagination-Imanaka Interiors
Dec. 3rd 2016– Jan. 17th 2017
Lally Gallery –The Erewash Museum, Derbyshire England

ARThropods –The Gallery at North Haven Gardens
Insect-themed exhibition curated by staff. Sept 8th-Nov. 3rd 2017

Surrealism of the 21st Century –Society for Art of Imagination
LuminArte Gallery –Dallas Texas. March 22nd –April 26 th 2014

Visionaries-The Art of the Fantastic
July 12 th – Sept 20 th 2012
Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, CUNY, Queens, NYC

5 Decades of the Fantastic -Society for Art of Imagination

Nov. 3rd – Dec 23rd 2010

At Murphy Hill Gallery -Chicago, IL