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Erik Heyninck

Erik HeyninckAs an artist, I have no-one to convince nor please, nothing to prove or express, no big theories to share. I create my works because it pleases me to do so, not to make money from them or to impress others.

What is visible is only part of the works. Therefore it is not sufficient to watch them, not even to observe them in detail.

To really get in contact with them, they need to be experienced in a mental state of inner stillness, openness and not-understanding.

I have no special talent to explain my works in a better or deeper way than anybody else would be able to. All possible interpretation is limited to the story about life any observer, and this includes myself, tells themselves.

In fact: although I created these works myself, they defy any explanation and they often baffle me. They go beyond emotion, beyond thinking, beyond instict, beyond deep fears and beyond high hopes, beyond understanding and beyond dreams. They can neither be reduced nor explained away by any belief system,including spirituality, religion, logic, objectivity and common-sense.
Being creative helps me not to forget that I’m alive and living this life.

~ Erik Heyninck