Our Aesthetic

The unique quality of the artworks that Imanaka presents is naturally linked to aesthetic.We believe art has aesthetic standing only as it becomes an experience, ‘a quale’ intuited. In its wholeness, aesthetic begins before the expressive art object was formed, when the substance/subject conceived by the artist from within. During this passionate absorption and reflection, forms crystallise in rhythm/harmony; it’s the rhythm of life before poetry and art. This is very aesthetic, flow of pure energy, manifestation of life force, one of human’s most intense and satisfying experiences. There is no doubt that accomplishment of this manifestation requires extraordinary skills, craftsmanship of the artist gained through relentless, painstaking efforts. These qualities bring uniqueness to each artwork created by the artists represented. As Imanaka, we also would like to emphasize on the fact that art can never set on a remote pedestal which disconnects community from experiencing art. The aesthetic is in the continuity of the experience for all whom engaged from beginning to the end.