Our Selection Process

Wanting to do business on a more human level we certainly do not choose our artists because their works are easy to sell. In fact: it took us more than two years to bring this group together. We choose based on several criteria. First of all we look at how well the inspiration is matched by the technical execution. Second: because we also have to work together, we must have affinity with the artists’ characters. We have followed all artists for over a longer period and we have talked with them about their personal point of view on Art, the art-world and even the art-market. And we all agreed on the fact that we think selling art needs a new approach. None of our artists likes to create something that would only be considered to be an investment. The Artists we chose to work with have all proven they have their own creative expression and also a sound sense of independency from the ever varying superficiality of what is ‘in’ or ‘out’. They know what they want, and they go for it, no matter what the art-market dictates. Third: the most important criterium is of course the work the artists produce. Technical virtuosity is not what it’s all about. We need to feel that inner ‘yes!’ that goes beyond any explanation before we ship with an artist, or ask the artist to embark on our ship. We may well add other artists in the future. Adding someone new will be a new adventure we look forward to, but first we want to stick with this group and hone our method of working.