Welcome to Imanaka Parchments

Welcome to Imanaka Parchments

Through this very first page of parchments, we would like to introduce you to Art without boundaries which meet all Imanaka artists at the crossroads of cultures: cultures that flourished throughout eras of human experience since our first glimpse of consciousness – since we became aware of our unique individuality as humankind in the universe.

From our early steps on Earth, Art has been the most sincere, genuine and natural way of being alive. Life and Art have been embedded in one and have become inseparable, leading us to leap from our animal past into venturing human species. From the beginning, Art has been keeping the rhythm of life for individuals and cultures for their ultimate culmination of evolving conscious awareness within the mystery of life.

As humankind, we have been creating art since our ancient ancestors first internalised the meaning of objects that became an integral part of their lives and they seem to have established a bond with them. If we go back in time, about 130-60 thousand years from today, archaeological excavations show us the first expression of humans; first symbolic use of objects; rather than a literal use of tools – via perforating snail shells called Nassarius and making them beads for personal adornment. Then, after a long pause, 25-30 thousand years later, a sudden shift in human artistic expressions showed itself on the walls of caves, as found – the works of Altamira, Lascaux and Chauvet and South East Asia. Chip Walter from National Geographic brilliantly states that ‘’the greatest innovation in the history of humankind was neither the stone tool nor the steel sword, but the invention of symbolic expression by the first artists. Compared with the jaw-dropping beauty of the art created in Chauvet Cave, artefacts like Nassarius beads, ocher and rocks marked with deliberate cross-hatchings seem rudimentary. But creating a simple shape that stands for something else—a symbol, made by one mind that can be shared with others – is obvious only after its creation. What is beyond the physical might have awakened and entered the consciousness of humankind some 40 thousand years ago, and expressed firstly through ancient artists on the walls of caves and creativity flared up out of nowhere. How did this leap happen? These first symbolic expressions didn’t have a literal meaning were followed by a burst of symbolism across the early human societies until today, it is this glimpse of recognition that it is beyond physical. Is it also the birth of religions, the first contact with divine, pure underlying power?’’

3310220500000578-3534242-image-a-78_1460386857861To me, it’s undeniable that Art and Inspiration are at the core of being human and belong to every individual inherently – without exception including any pre-disposition of how it should be or any manipulations of art institutions/art markets who are more concerned for profit making. Artistic expression is the basis of all freedom inherent in our existence in the universe; our existence is not merely local to our village, city or even Earth. Through art, even the most painful experience can be expressed beautifully for acceptance of all life’s bringing gracefully, which seems to lead us total freedom above all definitions. Art is the pure expression of engagement with the rhythm of life pulsing in each of us.

The physical artwork is the result of this engagement. What makes artists different from other individuals doesn’t come from their privileged status in societies or for being superior humans; It’s that irresistible flow for this expression with earned skills and sense of freedom, intimate engagement with life’s creative force and uncompromising commitment, self-devotion. Artists also are the individuals who declare total freedom to interpret their experience with life in their own way and not to accept the defining rules moulded into societies’ control mechanisms, as they can never live by status quo, and they can never give up with their inspired expression. Artist’s goals can’t be achieved as there is no perfection but growth within the dynamic rhythm of life, ever changing, ever challenging and shifting that can’t be measured by time.

The artists who are the driving force behind Imanaka are from different countries and cultures – from different upbringings which they were born into however not limited to- Imanaka is simply a symphony of creative power and imagination of Imanakan artists who dare to go beyond cultural boundaries.

Thank you for meeting us here at Imanaka, at the crossroads of cultures, at which Art takes us to its timeless origin, to its source. Life…